Abdullah Al Salmani Becomes The Youngest Iraqi Jiu-Jitsu Athlete to have an Official Wikipedia Page


Do you think you are following a healthy lifestyle? Most of us believe we maintain our health to a fair extent, but actually it is much far from being healthy, as we very often veer off the path.

For a healthy lifestyle there are some indisputable healthy behaviors contributing to satisfaction and wellness.

  • Daily brushing and flossing help keep your gums and teeth healthy.
  • Good night’s rest helps coping with stress and control on appetites.
  • Regular family meals, staying connected to friends and family promotes powerful aspect and nutritious eating.
  • Laugh out loud and smile many times a day. Pray or meditate each day at least 10-20 minutes. It is good for soul and helps in coping daily life demands, keeping your blood pressure low.
  • Walk and walk. Get physical activity to burn calories, defuse stress, and promote self-esteem.
  • Stand straight. Standing tall helps and you feel lighter as your abdominal muscles tighten.
  • For flexibility, try yoga. It also improves balance.
  • Protein is essential nutrient, ensure it is a part of your total calories daily.
  • Finally, a positive attitude. Think about succeeding, even if you lose, make attempts to win.

Abdullah Al Salmani

Following these may bring a difference to your well-being and health. Be mindful of making changes in your behavior and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Importance of fitness

Exercise or physical activity is important. It promotes good health, regardless of your BMI. Nothing comes for free or without investing valuable time. One such record-breaker is the youngest Iraqi Jiu-Jitsu athlete, Abdullah Al Salmani, who made it to Arabic Wikipedia Page. He is a Certified International Trainer and an experienced volunteer.

Abdullah Al Salmani honors are valuable revealing his contribution towards Jiu Jitsu. He Partook in several International and National Jiu Jitsu tournaments embodying Al Ain Club.


  • The year 2018-2019 has been demonstrating as he won:
  • In Dubai International Pro Jiu Jitsu Championship, third place.
  • In Fujairah International Pro Jiu-Jitsu Championship, second place,
  • In the UAEFF World Pro Jiu Jitsu festival, he made to the quarter-final.

Adding to this, in 2018-2019, the Al Ain Jiu- Jitsu club, U-21 Juniors category, won in the UAE Vice-president league the first place.  In 2019-2020, this club is the recipient of the UAE award as ‘Best Club.’

Understanding the physical fitness and healthy diet benefits helps improving quality of life. With the improvement in life quality, accomplishing goals or achievements are never very far. It is because:


  • Life expectancy increases – With the increase in regular physical activity, the life expectancy increases, thereby premature mortality risk reduces. It has no magic mantra, people staying active are healthier and live longer.
  • Reduces risk of injury– Physical activity and regular exercise increases bone density, muscle strength, stability, and flexibility. The risk to accidental injuries decreases. You enjoy better balance with stronger muscles and thus the risk of injuries reduces.
  • Improves life quality– Lack of physical activity is dangerous. Exercise improves mental health and mood, providing health benefits. It improves your life quality as you shift from sedentary lifestyle.
  • Stay active– Doing activities requires physical fitness to some extent at least. If you cannot climb a mountain, tray walking with your family around the zoo or the playground.


Neglecting physical activity for more than longer time is harmful. Staying active is easier, it keeps your mind and health fresh.


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