Victoria’s Secret & Co. (NYSE: VSCO) Prepares Outline the Corporation’s Long-Term Strategic Strategy


Victoria’s Secret & Co. (NYSE: VSCO) inches up to trade at $36.19 on Friday as the The Drake Oakbrook in Chicago, Illinois, has announced that an investor day would be held on Thursday, October 13, 2022. The event will feature statements from the Corporation’s senior leadership team, who will outline the Corporation’s long-term strategic strategy while simultaneously reflecting on its first year as an independent, publicly traded company.

Victoria’s Secret (NYSE: VSCO) Announces Strategic Growth Plan

Victoria’s Secret & Co. (NYSE: VSCO) will have an investor and analyst meeting to define the firm’s future strategic direction while also reflecting on its first year as an independent, publicly listed business.

Chief Executive Officer Martin Waters said that they have been looking forward to tomorrow’s event and the chance to share their future plan and prediction with the financial community. Their objective is straightforward: to be the world’s leading fashion retailer of intimate clothing, headed by two category-defining brands and a global business poised to grow market share. Their market leadership in domestic intimates is a significant strength and growth opportunity for their organization. They are motivated by the reactions of their consumers to their brand makeover and stay committed to developing the Victoria’s Secret that their customers and workers deserve.

They have built a solid financial footing as a public business over the previous 15 months, Martin added. They now have even more agility and a more united focus on their customers and strategic goals thanks to the deployment of their new operating structure. They are well-positioned to offer long-term sales growth and operating margin rates in the mid-teens, and they expect that the strength of their business will generate significant cash flow to invest in growth while also returning value to shareholders via their capital allocation plan.

Members of the Company’s senior leadership team will address the Company’s long-term strategic growth plan, which is governed by three principles:

Strengthen the core

– increasing market share in their major categories of bras, intimates, and beauty, while updating our brand positioning to be more inclusive and attracting a larger, more loyal customer base via more captivating story telling in stores and on their digital platforms;

Ignite growth –

Increasing worldwide reach largely through foreign partners, while adding new brands to portfolio, either organically or through investments, with an emphasis on categories and client groups where company are underrepresented in order to strengthen brand position; and

Transform the foundation

– Creating a contemporary, high-performing, agile, empowered, and enabled company in order to create efficiency and invest in their people and culture.