Interview With The Model Monica Yvette Perfume


Question: Who sells the most popular perfume when it comes to Celebrities?


Crush by Rihanna, Fame by Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian by Kim Kardashian, Glow by Jennifer Lopez, Incredible Things by Taylor Swift, Sweet Like Candy by Ariana Grande, Killer Queen by Katy Perry, Stash by Sarah Jessica Parker, Curious by Britney Spears and Fairy Dust by Paris Hilton.

Question: How is perfume/cologne made?


There are three notes in perfume and cologne, kind of like three emotions altering or setting the mood to a deeper and deeper fantasy.

Top note – A light smell of fragrance the first scents you smell. This lasts 15 minutes – 2 hours.

Top and middle notes come from floral scents, fruity scents, marine/aquatic notes, citruses as well as spices such as cinnamon.

Medium or heart notes –have more layers of scents which give the fragrance its distinctive smell. Distinguishing the behavior of the most noticeable elements. As the top note is fading– the heart note eases its way in this note lasts 3-5 hours due to thicker scents.

Base note – Bolder in scent and longer lasting, created to fix the fragrance to the skin. Base note scents, lasts from 5 to 10 hours. Ingredients used are sandalwood, leather, smoke, tobacco, vetiver, vanilla, tar, and musk.


Question: Why does perfume / cologne smell good?


Scents are something marvelous to smell.  For women aphrodisiac scents include pumpkin, lavender, vanilla, cinnamon, peppermint, and ginger. While for men aphrodisiacs are vanilla licorice pumpkin bergamot lily lavender jasmine and cinnamon. So yes it is a mood enhancer

Question: Which is your favorite brand? And which bottle of perfume did you last use?

Answer:  Vera Wang is my favorite. Lovestruck is the last bottle I used.

Question: What does Lovestruck by Vera Wang smell like?


Well it definitely smells like romance is in the air. Very modern, feminine and dreamy.

Question: What perfume would you buy if you never where able to test it. And wanted to try

something new?


Yves Saint Laurent Perfume Black Opium Eau de Parfume, because it is so different compared to what I buy. I always subconously buy the pink bottles. Just the bottle alone looks forbidden. Its mysterious. It has adrenaline-rich coffee in it! Well, I have never heard of that in perfume before. Sweet sensuality of vanilla. And yes white flowers to bring in the softness. I guess I am just really curious and definitely need to try it. Yves Saint Laurent Perfume Black Opium Eau de Parfume your getting my cash!

Question: What is a classic scent for women?

Answer: N°5 by Chanel. My father always talked about it being the most prized among women. And yes it is still very popular today.

Question: What is a classic scent for men?

Answer: Old Spice

Question: Is there a scent you do not like on a man?

Answer: I really hate to say it. Because it is the most likely used, body spray out there. Axe Body Spray for Men, yuck. When I smell it I just feel so repulsed. That probably is the only scent sold to men that I absolutely cannot handle.

Question: When did you get your first bottle of perfume?

Answer: When I was 14, it was a Christmas gift from my friend Ronnie. True Love by Elizabeth Arden and the bottle was pink. I actually believed that when I wore it my crush magically would fall in love with me.

Question: Did it work?

Answer: Oh ya!

Question: How does perfume/Cologne make you feel different?


It is meant to attract arouse and lighten your mood. Having a lighter air when you first come in to contact and slowly the mood gets more and more intense that’s how it is designed. Just like in real life when you are in the state of attraction to infatuation.

But it is about moods and memories a very priceless thing. All these scents have effects on us, are whole lives these ingredients keep building mental connection’s so the very second you smell it, those endorphins and pheromones even aphrodisiacs are going through you. All at the same moment. So yes it does make you feel good to be around it. Plus it is also a mood enhancer.


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