Founder of #Focuseddd, Mobeen Mian, and team, collaborate with The Dallas Open Mic!


They want to capture your story, every single week!

Dallas Resident, Charlie Rihoo, organizer of the Dallas Open Mic, holds a showcase every Tuesday at the Green Elephant Event Space, 5627 Dyer St in Dallas, Texas. The event is open to artists, poets, and speakers who all come and showcase their talent given within their time frame, and each week gets 150-200+ people in crowd. With that every week, founder of #Focuseddd, Mobeen Mian, and his team, collaborate with the Dallas Open Mic for their constant media promotions. With video interviews of each performer, followed with promotional pictures that each performer can use for themselves, the community keeps growing.

As we stay on our endeavors, we find ourselves surrounded by so much negativity in life and being able to reciprocate that and channel it into positivity is all the Dallas Open Mic shows to do. With the same mission set forth on positivity, The #Focuseddd team focuses on a variety of talent from several performers/vendors, such as: comedy, singing, rapping, inspirational speaking, baking, cap designs, and much more. Some of the metroplex talent, Roux Music, Roman Da Fro, Remi D, Leo Lamar, and Bama White, show up every week, take part in the event, and share their stories. Every performance surprise attendees every week, and best of all the community keeps growing.

Everyone who helps to play a part in this event every week gets a chance to shine, a chance to improve with absolutely no judgment because everyone has the same drive. “Just networking, collaborating at events, collaborating at the studio, just making it happen. In this industry, just like you make the music, you got to make the moves.” Says Rihoo, who encourages the collaboration.

With the Dallas Open Mic and #Focuseddd collaboration, anyone and everyone is welcome. From the moment you show up to the event it feels like family, and you are no longer alone.

The founder of the Dallas Open Mic is Charlie Rihoo

The founder of #Focuseddd is Mobeen Mian

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