Blogging vs Video: Which Strategy is Ideal in 2020


In this busy and technological world, finding an excellent and unique marketing strategy is not an easy task. We have to dig in hard to find the best ways which can help our products stand out in the crowd. In the same way, video marketing is an old trend but then again, it’s unquestionably showing to be a powerful marketing strategy. Everybody around us shares a video which they feel appealing or funny.

However, many experts from TheB2BCrowd consider blogging one of the most inexpensive strategies for businesses to attract audience towards their sites and drive prospective customers.

They both are beneficial in different ways. To find out more read below:

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Video Marketing

In this fast-paced world, people prefer to watch a short video rather than going through a long informative content which may take 15 minutes to read. If you still don’t believe it, then read below to find out the top benefits of using video marketing for your business.

1.      Better Conversion Rates

If you post an appealing video which succeeds in persuading the audience, then you can easily convert a visitor into a lead. For this, you will have to have a compelling presenter in your video to influence the audience. This would be considered a significant investment.

2.      Enhanced Email Marketing

As we all know that email marketing is still known as a professional and advanced way to connect to customers. However, the email must be compelling enough to attract a viewer. By adding the word ‘Video’ in your subject could also help to create a high impact. People would open up your mail more rather than unsubscribing it. As we read before that people feel more comfortable to watch a video rather than reading so this would be the reason why they would open up the email and see what your message is.

3.      More Social Shares.

Nowadays, viral videos are trending. More than half of the mobile users tend to share videos with others. This is one way you can make your brand and products rise. If you create a funny and compelling video, you can quickly grab the attention of the viewers. They will certainly share the video with others if they like it. The more the shares, the more the people will know about you.

4.      Best Way To Build Trust

People believe in what they see. Visually conveyed content can help your business build a better personality of your brand. Videos also help to make a decision process easier for customers. The more you use a video to market your products the more your customers will trust you. If people have trust and faith in your brand, that would automatically make a path towards higher sales.

5.      Top Search Results

YouTube is considered as the second largest Search Engine after Google. By putting up your videos on YouTube and your site, you can easily get a chance to educate more viewers about your brand. You visibility would also increase and your company would be shown on top of the search results.

Now that you are aware of how beneficial video marketing is for your business, so we will also take a look at blogging. This would help you to compare and see which marketing technique can be fit for your business.


Blogging has also helped to gain the interest of many customers. Around 82% of businesses believe that blogging is a critical part of their marketing plans. To understand better, we have stated a few benefits below which will help you.

1.      Outstanding Search Engine Optimisation

Major search engines encourage and appreciate relevant blogs. For better SEO, blogging can be considered as the cheapest way for a business. By creating new blogs, companies offer consistent content to popular search engines. Keywords can also help you get on top of search results.

2.      Better Relationship with Customers

For better marketing, it is highly necessary to build better relationships with your customers (new and existing). Blogging is an excellent way to get connected with the audience uniquely. It can also help to build trust with your target audience. If you keep the comments open, you can also track the responses of your viewers.

3.      More Social Shares

One great benefit of blogging is that it enables others to share your blog link to their social media accounts. They can share the link via email or can also tweet it. This helps your brands blog to become more popular and viral without any costs.

4.      Create Your Business Personality

The content you share will help others value your knowledge and information. Even if your business is not too big, it will help others trust you and show them the experience you have in your field. By regular blogging, you will get higher conversions and people will get more educated about your products.

5.      Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is an enormously significant component of marketing which enables you to connect with the audience personally. You can share your brand message with new and existing customers to get connected with them more. Blogs would help others understand your personality, visions and mission.

Final Word

The above information shows how vital video marketing and blogging is for every business. However, both are equally helpful to draw the attention of new and existing customers.

As blogging is an inexpensive way to market your brand, therefore, it will be widely helpful if you have a new or small business. If you are planning to invest in a larger scale the video marketing is highly advisable.



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