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Seneca Globe is diverse media platform that focus on Finance, Economy, Tech, Gadgets and Life Style niches. Our mission is to provide unparalleled news and insights. If you seek news coverage that’s as interested in solutions and heroes as in problems and scandals, give Seneca Globe a try. This is a site that wants to be powered by your concerns, questions, insights, and stories.



Our motto is to give detail research in simplest and most creative ways. Our mission is to produce information that helps investors to reach their financial goals. We creates content by listening to core readership.

Right to Know: In 2 years, our readership has surged to around 2 million unique visitors per month. Through our daily emails, readers stay informed; as well, we appeal readers to follow us on Twitter and liking us on Facebook to get informed. We are planning to release our smartmobile apps for iOS, Android, Amazon, BBM, Windows platforms.

Inside Significance:  It is an investment research platform with broad coverage of stocks, companies’ news, fundamental and technical analysis of stocks, asset classes, ETFs and investment strategy. Sometimes Seneca Globe’s articles move stocks, due to a large and influential readership that comprises money managers, business leaders, as well as bloggers.

Seneca Globe Niches: Our core niche is financial and business news but we also cover occasionally other niches like sports, entertainments, and automobile.

Opportunity:  Seneca Globe provides always give a warm welcome to people who want to contribute for our website. Contributors can write articles for us on any niche and they will get good incentives. One by recognizing his name and secondly he/she will get monitory incentives. For more details, contact us here