Top 6 Technologies That Will Improve People Lives [2020]


Some technologies change everyday life for the better. Tools that change the way of conceiving medicine, transport, economics, shopping and culture. In some cases, these are solutions and tools that have already appeared on the market, while others are futuristic technologies that will enter our daily lives within a few years. But all of them have power: to make our days simpler, more pleasant and safer.

1. Cars and flying bellboys

Traveling without the need for roads, especially to remote areas or for urgent deliveries, is increasingly becoming a reality. In addition to large eCommerce companies, companies and startups working to deliver medicines to inaccessible areas or to speed up food distribution times are also moving in the same direction. A more recent line of research is that which concerns flying cars. From a theoretical point of view it doesn’t change much, but in practice to carry a person you have to take giant steps: the drones should be more spacious and sturdy, and this requires essential development of materials and batteries. But above all, a drone-taxi will have to guarantee reliability for the software component, exceeding the current safety performance achieved by the air traffic of helicopters and aircraft.

2. Paying with the facial scanner

In China, it is already a reality: to recognize a payment, access protected places or identify a criminal, facial recognition systems have developed that exploit the potential of cutting-edge software. Although facial recognition is a technology that has existed for decades, it has only now reached a level of reliability that makes it suitable for financial transactions, purchases with prepaid cards or digital wallets and future banking operations. In a broad sense, the same technology could soon accompany us when boarding a plane, when buying tickets and when looking for a taxi. The face scanner has already proven to be better than a human recognizing a person, and soon from China, it could also be exported to Europe and the United States, bringing with it the eternal security-vs-privacy debate.

3. Hi-tech sales strategies

The way of conceiving the relationship between company and customer will be further improved thanks to new technologies that use and make the most of the power of big data and analysis algorithms. One of the digital marketing trends will be the adaptation of the tone and style of e-mail messages based on the personality of the individual user, which will add an increasing predictive capacity. In parallel, the call centre management systems will become more active, allowing shorter times for both incoming and outgoing calls. What if the market for gift cards and loyalty cards is continuously growing and abundantly exceeds 10 billion euros per year. More users say they want to take advantage of the technologies that allow these cards to be saved and used in virtual format also via a smartphone, as in the case of those that can purchase on SixthContinent.

4. Computerized Medicine and Gene Therapies

The period in which medicine mixe with computer science only for the management of archives and databases is over. For years, there has been talking of genetic sequencing and personalized medicine, but there is much more. The new generation prostheses, for example, can be controlled directly with thought, thanks to the new brain-machine interfaces. And at the same time, the amount of clinical data available and the machine learning algorithms will allow computers to go directly to the diagnosis, especially in the case of rare diseases that can hardly be recognized by a doctor in the flesh.

Scientists in recent years are successfully dedicating themselves to the study of genetic problems underlying rare hereditary diseases, proposing new therapeutic possibilities. Shortly, we will find out if the same type of approach can also apply to cancer,  heart disease and all other common diseases. At the moment, the studies are already covering about fifty pathologies. However, the development of the technologies underlying the genetic analysis remains fundamental to extend this type of therapy to the health problems of millions of people.

5. Pocket Supercomputers

it is an innovation that we have already seen, but which shows no sign of stopping. If today we all have a more powerful device in our pocket than what was called supercomputer twenty years ago, in the same way, a Masai warrior in Kenya has more information than the President of the United States had fifteen years ago. And it is a trend that will continue, so in the coming years, we can expect to have in hand the devices equipped with calculation and storage capacity that today are only available to large computing centres.

6. Through IPTV

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