Sotera Health Company (Nasdaq: SHC) Responses on Verdict in Fornek Trial As Firms Adds New Vice President


Sterigenics, a division of Sotera Health Company (Nasdaq: SHC) and a world leader in comprehensive sterilization services, released a statement in response to several enquiries about the Fornek trial ruling in the company’s favor.

The jury returned a defense verdict in favor of Sotera Health LLC, Sterigenics U.S., LLC, and its co-defendant on November 18, 2022, and Teresa Fornek was not given any compensatory or punitive damages. Ms. Fornek is still able to appeal the verdict and file post-trial motions to challenge it.

They think the jury’s decision in this case shows that they carefully considered and comprehended the science and other facts provided throughout the trial. The objective of Sterigenics, which is to protect global health, is still very important to us. To ensure the safety of their employees, the communities in which they operate, and patients all over the world, they will continue to operate in accordance with applicable rules and regulations, as they have done consistently throughout our history.

Alex Dimitrief Appoints As General Counsel

On the other hand, Sotera Health Company (SHC) has hired Alex Dimitrief to serve as senior vice president and general counsel. Prior to this, Mr. Dimitrief held a number of high leadership positions at General Electric (GE), including those of General Counsel and President and CEO of GE’s Global Growth Organization. Prior to this, Mr. Dimitrief worked as a Partner at Kirkland & Ellis LLP, where he had twenty years of legal experience.

Chairman and CEO of Sotera Health Company, Michael B. Petras, Jr. sated that he is happy to have Alex join the team and to work with a former GE colleague who is a brilliant lawyer and respected business executive. Alex has extensive knowledge of the legal, corporate, and governmental sectors and has successfully defended clients in a number of high-profile cases. Additionally, Alex’s background is a special match for Sotera Health, and he anticipates benefiting from his astute legal and business leadership.