Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (NYSE:ASX) Reveal Plans for a World’s First 5G mmWave NR-DC SA


Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (NYSE:ASX) persists its position slightly strong in context of buying side, while shares price inched up 0.39% during pre-trading session as the firm recently took part in a project kick-off event to reveal plans for a 5G mmWave NR-DC SA (New Radio-Dual Connectivity Standalone) smart factory supported by the Industrial Development Bureau and Qualcomm Technologies Inc., and developed through a strategic multi-organizational collaboration involving the Institute for Information Technology, Asia Pacific Telecom, DEVCORE Security Consulting, and the National Cheng Kung University.

Companies continue to encounter unprecedented hurdles in upgrading and changing their business processes, owing to the rising complexity of global competitiveness, which is defined by quick swings in market supply and demand, as well as human resource restrictions. To address the skills shortage and respond to changing customer demands, ASE is boosting its deployment of smart manufacturing technologies such as automation and the integration of OT (operational technology) security to improve equipment efficiency and productivity. In keeping with the company’s mission of developing sophisticated and resilient smart factories, ASE has collaborated with important industry players, as well as significant government, academic, and research institutes, to bring AI applications and 5G technologies together.

The partnership will focus on allowing the digital transformation of highly safe and dependable industrial processes by facilitating 5G wireless infrastructure integration, smart heterogeneous equipment integration, and OT security system integration.

CEO of ASE Inc., Tien Wu stated that as a worldwide leader in 5G technology, they anticipate that the next phase in the evolution of 5G will be to transition to standalone mode, allowing for industrial expansion in areas such as Industrial IoT and cloud services. This statement highlights the importance of Taiwan’s entire ICT supply chain and technological advantages, as well as how Qualcomm Technologies has always placed a high emphasis on Taiwan’s industry and ecosystem. They are ecstatic to be a part of pushing the much-needed development of innovations in a rapidly changing business. They will continue to promote Taiwan’s mmWave technology development and collaborate to improve Taiwan’s 5G ecosystem.


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