You can now sell your house without a problem of fixing it up or paying agent commissions


Selling without buyers:

It is a difficult task to want to sell your house and there are no buyers to bid on that house. Many home owners have to suffer this problem where they don’t have buyers and keep asking others, selling “as is” situation. Many in town are holding property, of which they have no use and still can’t sell it to the right buyer. If this is your problem too, you don’t have to worry anymore because this company here is available to buy your property. This company (Sundae) is an experienced and trained home buyer and provides ideal services to sell your house.

Everything can be done according to your schedule:

You don’t have to wait for the transaction to close. Some shoot with last minute repair costs and that is not things are done here. Legal battles which consume a lot of time are also not an option here. Closing will be done according to your schedule and the company will take on every kind of case concerning that property you are dealing with, which includes the property inherited, tenant eviction, taxes which are unpaid or probate.

Are the houses which need a repair, in the run?

It is not a problem if you have a mobile house which needs to be fixed, or a fixer upper that needs attention or a property that has been left as a mess. All of these cases can be assisted by the High Way home buyers. You don’t have to worry about cleaning, maintenance, long term repairs, short term repairs or re-painting unless this company is running around you at its best.

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We will buy the property you want to sell:

Buying houses in and around Spokane has been old news now to the company. Completely honest and experienced are the qualities, you are going to hear about the company. You can sell your house to us in return of hot cash and walk away clean.

You can turn your mobile homes, single family units, abandoned properties and even empty lands in to cash whenever you want. Sundae will buy your property and pay you up in a very short time and without even a hassle. Being in the business, it is understood how hard it is to maintain and repair your house every now and then.


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