Why You Should Travel to Guatemala?


Guatemala in Central America is one of the places which is explored the least even after having a lot to see. Sure, it isn’t as beautiful as Antigua or Flores, but this place has its own beauty which deserves to be seen by the people. However, there are adventurists who like to explore magnificent beauty of nature yet at times they get ignored due to several factors. Mentioned below are a few of the reasons about why one should travel to Guatemala. Read along to know the reasons.


1. The Gritty and Authentic features

The capital city of Guatemala is extremely authentic. One can find out a lot about the political and social reality of the country while being here. The capital city here is also the hub of music. There are many skilled musicians who had started their career as a local band in the city and had gained international recognition with the help of their talent and hard work.

2. The Architecture in Guatemala

The architecture in Guatemala is also something which deserves to be seen by the people. Some of the places to see in Guatemala are Catedral Metropolitana and the National Palace. These are some of the places which show an example of Neoclassical Architecture and are famous tourist spots in the city. The architecture of Guatemala often takes the people back to the time when the Spanish Empire prevailed in the country.

3. Amazing Cuisine

Although, Guatemala is not very famous throughout the world because of its cuisine but people who have come to this place know that the local food here tastes just splendid. The food here is a result of the merging of the Spanish customs and the Mayan culture and is extremely flavoursome as well as complex. It doesn’t matter if you decide to choose the local street food or dine at the fine restaurants, you can be sure that you won’t be disappointed.

4. The Creative Capital

Apart from music, Guatemala is also the creative capital of Central America. This is mainly because of the marvellous art galleries here which showcase some amazing landscapes.

5. Beaches in Guatemala

Apart from the lakes and rivers, Guatemala also has the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea here. Needless to say there are some fascinating beaches in this country. A few of the beaches in Guatemala are Monterrico, El Paredon, Playa Tilapa, Iztapa, Champerico, Punta de Manabique, et cetera.

6. The vibrant markets here

The markets in Guatemala are very colourful and are bursting with bright handicrafts and woollen garments for the people. A few souvenirs can also be found here. There are also mazes of underground passages here which are used for selling wooden masks, leather good, hats, ponchos, wallets, decorative bowls, table clothes, et cetera.

7. The Fascinating Museums here

Another great thing that the merge of Spanish Culture and Mayan Tradition has led to is the excellent museums in the city. Guatemala has a different history that makes this country a place with unique stories and history. The museums here can teach people a lot about the history of this place. Some of the museums here are Museo Popol Vuh for Mayan Histroy, Museo Ixchel de Traje Indigena or textiles or the Museo Nacional de Arqueolia y Etnologia for architecture.

8. Delicious Coffee

Guatemala has a volcanic landscape which makes this a perfect place for the growth of coffee. It is because of the climate of this place that the coffee beans produced here are believed to be, arguably, the best in the world. There are also numerous coffee plantations in the city which even shows the people and educates them about the process of making coffee, making it a very interesting tour.

Exploring different places is a choice and we tend to travel to the most famous places ending up with lot of crowd. At times some of the plans can be changed to visit less crowded yet beautiful places like these. Guatemala is one of the less explored yet beautiful places to see in North America which you should try to see.


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