What Key Points are there in WEB HOSTING?


Web hosting is a service that allows people and businesses to upload a website to the Internet. A web host or web hosting service provider is a business that provides all the technologies and services required for a webpage or website to be viewed online. Websites are stored or hosted on special computers known as servers.

Internet users will simply type the website address into their browser to access your website. The browser will connect to your server, and the webpages will be sent to their computer.

To host with web hosting companies, you must have your domain name. Web hosting companies will assist you in purchasing a domain name.

These are the basic features of a web host plan:


Every web hosting account offers a certain amount disk space to store your web pages. It is important to make estimates about the space you require for various tasks. For example, how much space do you need for email, web files, databases, and so on. It is easier to estimate how much space you should use by breaking down your usage.


Many web hosts refer to data transfer and bandwidth as one entity. They are actually two different things.

  1. Bandwidth describes the data transfer limit.
  2. Data transfer is the actual amount transferred.

This is how it should be viewed. If bandwidth were a tunnel, then the larger the tunnel, it would allow more cars to pass through it. Data transfer would be the maximum number of cars allowed through the tunnel during a particular time period (e.g., a month).

No matter what connection type your visitor has, the website loads slower if it has less bandwidth. Visitors will have to wait until their turn. You will have to wait for your turn if you transfer less data.

In order to determine how much is enough, consider the size and number of visitors your site receives each month.


Hosting a domain requires email accounts. There are three main types: forwarding, POP3, and aliases.

POP3 accounts are your traditional inboxes. The server has enough space to store all your emails. You can also use an email program for downloading your mail. Each combination of login and password usually corresponds to one account.

Forwarding mail accounts is useful when you hire another company to filter the emails. Instead of being stored on your mail server, your emails are redirected and sent to another email address.

Aliases accounts work in the same way as forwarding mail accounts. Some hosts permit you to set up an alias catch-all that can be used to collect mail sent to addresses not yet recognized by your mail server. Prowebhosting offers the best Email Web hosting in Pakistan in these days.


After creating your web pages on your computer you must transfer them to your webserver. FTP allows you to transfer files to the server.

FTP can also be used to download web files from your server to your local computer. You can backup your website files.


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