Travel diaries are the best record keeping. Every person dreams to travel at least once in a lifetime and wish to escape the harsh realities of life.

If you lead a hectic life, too much pressure from family and work can make you hate your life too sometimes. If someone asks me what I would do if I ever get a chance to get away from my life, my answer will be spontaneous: I WILL TRAVEL.

It is such a life-changing experience and a much-needed vacation. When I traveled to Canada last year (before the pandemic outbreak) I realized how much I craved freedom. Everyone deserves to have a spark that would lead them back to being happy.

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“Go to the people and places that set a spark in our soul”

I found my spark on my trip to the beautiful Niagara Falls to Vancouver back to Toronto. Emotionally charged I realized a few things from my traveling venture.

1. Roleplay in personality

Travel does play a huge role in affecting your personality. I have never traveled solo before, and speaking so from my experience I realized when I was riding on the way on airport limo from Toronto Pearson airport to Niagara Falls that the psychological fear I had partially reduced.

Being an introvert can be really hard sometimes. Traveling lets you see through the consciousness when you decide for yourself. Trusting your gut feeling can do wonders, trust me. You get to interact with new people and that is enough to either drive you further away or let overcome your fear.

2. New perspective

One thing I loved most about Canada was the mixed culture. People are really friendly and warm towards tourists. Every culture co-exists peacefully and it made me realize how much culture is truly important.

Traveling is an eye-opener for those who seek to learn from their surroundings. You become aware of the new culture, traditions, and values. Maybe a chance of perspective on life can do us some good too you know?

If you never leave your hometown, you will live in oblivion and will not come to realize how much the world had to offer to you. is it worth not to travel? Absolutely not.

3. Emotional stability

Women are highly emotional than men. That is true and nothing to be ashamed of no matter what others have to say about it. When you are stuck in your daily routine, the circle of emotions can spin out of control.

To lift your spirits traveling is important. Would you remain upset or depressed if you take a train from all the way to Toronto to Vancouver? The beautiful sceneries will make you forget your worries and rest assured the travel experience will be amazing (mine was!).

Coming out of an unhealthy relationship, it was a much-needed break. So if you feel due to any number of reasons you can always take put things on hold and travel wherever you want to. During my Canadian adventure, I realized travel does emotionally heal you too.

4. Accept life for what it is

How many of you live in denial? Regardless of what language you speak, I learned that life everywhere is the same. Every person is going through an ordeal that no one knows about. Riding on airport limo was a great experience for me, as I shared my ride with other travelers who came from different corners of the world; I got to learn their travel stories and experiences.

Have you ever tried sharing food with a stranger? At first, it boggled my mind, but soon afterward I felt content from inside. Traveling leaves you with a mindfulness that is probably missing in your current life.

The more you sightsee you are open to accept more perspectives and see life from a new point of view. And of course, traveling feels a lot like daydreaming.

5. Eat, pray and love

At some point in life, you must have a fantasy to fall in love with your traveling adventure. Sounds silly right? But I have heard stories of people falling in love out of the blue! It’s so fascinating. If I never had traveled to the Niagara on the lake and spent a night there I wouldn’t have come to hear such romantic stories.

Traveling does that to you, makes you carefree for a while, with no expectations and then….boom! The more relaxed you are the better chance you have to fall in love (who knew!).

All you need to do is step out of your comfort zone to catch up with the new meaning of life. I learned mine. How about you?


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