Tips for First Time Dads


Being first time parents can be an exhilarating and yet nerve wrecking experience.  First time parents experience highs and lows since the day they received news that the wife is expecting.  The days that follow are emotional rollercoaster ride and scouring through information and asking family and friends for advice to prepare for the arrival of the baby.  The couple go through amazing, delightful, and stressful parent moments.

First time dads play an especially important role before and after the baby is born.  Before the child is born, expecting dads provide strong support to their spouse by ensuring that they have proper and nutritious meals and accompany them for their gynae visits.  After the child is born, dedicated fathering contributes to the child’s emotional well-being, which results in the child’s good development, which includes verbal and math skills.

Hence, expecting dads can take note of the following tips after the baby is born, to ensure the child has proper and good development during the infancy stage.

Plan the shared responsibility for the baby with spouse

When the baby is born, there is a new list of tasks for the parents, from feeding the baby, changing the diapers, to giving baths and engaging with the baby through physical activities, chats, music, and stories.

Hence, it will be useful for the first time parent to learn and list down these tasks and discuss with his spouse on how to share this list of baby tasks and housework.  During this discussion, they should also bear in mind that these baby tasks helps them foster closer relationship with the baby and therefore shared responsibility is important.

Family members and friends know the importance of the shared responsibility and therefore the gifts usually include items which the first-time dad needs after the baby is born.  These items include portable diaper changing pad, cute baby socks and white noise portable machine for babies.

Continue the conversation with the baby

Before the baby is born, the expecting dad spends considerable amount of bonding time through talking, reading stories, and singing to the baby.  The expecting dad should continue these activities after the baby is born to continue to bond with the baby.  This time round, the difference is the expecting dad will be able to see the baby’s reaction to his actions.

Recognising the baby’s cues

The ability to respond to the baby’s cues makes the baby feel safe and secure, which results in building a stronger bond between the baby and the caregiver.  This stronger bond is critical for the baby’s development.

Hence, the expecting dad must learn how to recognise the baby’s cues and understand the message that the baby wants to convey.

With the above tips, first time dads will be able to handle the newborn like a pro.

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