TikTok Star 14 years old Paris Gachette Banned


Paris, who’s garnered over 1.1 million fans as @parisdidntask on TikTok, is speaking out after his accounts were removed following accusations that he was posting controversial and political content. The 14 year-old tried making a new account under the handle @paris.zk, but TikTok has since removed that account as well.

Paris rose to fame on TikTok for his comedic POV videos. He never talks during his videos — most of Paris’s content was videos of him making the weirdest POVs, for example “You watch me drinking urine”. While millions of fans found it hilarious how Paris came up with these ideas back to back, users online alleged if someone in a political standpoint was the target of his expressive POV it was not acceptable, for example Paris’s POV “Biden congratulates you for using the potty”. Paris’s followers would then come to his defence saying it’s just a joke.

On September 27, Paris defended himself and his video content. “I want people to know I’m not trying to alter the votes I’m not even American nor do Support either party”, I myself didn’t think of them as offensive, but I can see how people would take it that way and I don’t want them to feel that way.”

Paris, whose instagram remains active, said that he is not fussed about the ban. ”Social media is getting softer and softer but I guess it’s just how it is, I have no doubt that I can grow again to where I once was.”

Because Paris doesn’t actually say anything in his videos, not everyone supports TikTok’s ban on his content.

The Hype around his ban has died down since this all occurred which Paris says to be a huge relief as he can now continue with his new account and different content going forward. Currently making videos about random facts he doesn’t have to worry about anything happening to this account as there is certainly not going to be any political facts.

As of October 1 Paris has a new TikTok account with 120 thousand followers and reports to be looking forward to the the future.

Paris’s Instagram https://instagram.com/parisdidntask?igshid=nymthzhcz7i4


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