The Best 3 Sites To Find Science Tuition


In Singapore, there is no dearth of Science tutors. But finding that one tutor who fits perfectly into your requirements could be a challenging task. Sometimes having a lot of options could make the decision-making process slow and confusing. Keeping that in mind, we have curated a list of sources where you can look for good Science tutors as well as enrichment classes.

The Learning Lab:

The learning lab is a renowned name in Singapore for quality Science tuitions. They have been in the teaching industry for over 18 years and teach students from all levels – preschool, primary, secondary, and JC. They offer Science classes in their centers only and have an average batch size of 6-15 students. The tutors plan their lessons as per the schools’ syllabus and provide additional learning material to the students to help them achieve their academic goals and learning milestones. They also have special Science programmes designed for different levels that help students improve their reading and writing skills.

Price: The fee structure is based on the level, it starts from $92.50 – $95.50 per lesson and goes up to $123 – $126 per lesson.       

Tutor City:

When looking for tutors you can’t miss out on Tutor city. They have a pool of well-qualified and trusted home tutors island-wide to help you excel in the Science language. Their private home tutors are familiar with the local syllabus and would provide you useful advice and tips to ace the examinations. To hire a tutor you can start by making a shortlist of tutors you like after searching for the tutor on Search Tutor page. Complete the forms and share the shortlist on their site or via email to get more details and availability of the tutor. It’s a simple and cost-effective process to hire an exceptional Science tutor who can help you achieve your goals.

Price: The fee structure is based on the level and tutor experience, it starts from $20-25 per hour up to $90-120 per hour.       


Preply is an online platform to learn different subjects. They have tutors that can help you learn Science at all levels and as per your needs for school, competitive exams, or work. You can choose a local trainer or someone based out in any other part of the world. All the tutors are verified and come with rich experience. You can check their ratings and reviews given by previous students before contacting them. You also have an option to book a trial class with the tutor to understand their reaching style and take a decision accordingly. As all the classes happen online you can pick a native speaking tutor who can not only help you with the language but also help you understand the culture and other aspects of the country they are from. You can request for classes at any time of the day and any day of the week through this site.

Price: The price range is pretty vast from $3 to $130 per hour.

From all these options you are sure to find a Science tutor that would help you achieve your learning goals. While some of these options would help you with your academic curriculum others will help you prepare for your future and enhance your Science speaking, writing, and reading skills. If you are looking for self-paced learning you can refer to some of the online platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn, Udemy, NTUC Learning Hub, and Coursera for free and paid Science training. Happy Learning!


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