Places to visit in Mumbai after Lockdown


With a series of lockdowns due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, everyone is forced to go back to their homes. Even Mumbai – the city that never sleeps has become silent due to the COVID 19 Pandemic.

While we stay at our homes for safety, all the explorers and travellers have the question – Will we ever travel again? And where can we go after lockdown? It is not clear when the lockdown will lift. But travel will be restricted or unsafe even after the lockdown. In such a situation we have to look at our city and the places nearby for travel opportunities and weekend getaways.

Following is a list of places that you can go to after the lockdown ends. You can go to these old beloved spots to enjoy a bit of freedom and fresh air.

Marine Drive

Marine Drive or the Queen’s necklace- this 4 km coastal road is the best place to visit in Mumbai. Most of us cannot wait to sit here again and watch the sunset. This can be the first place to go to after the lockdown ends. The view from here is just amazing. The sea breeze will make you forget everything else. And the blue waters of the Arabian Sea are just like therapy. If sitting is still not allowed, you can still drive past the coastal road, in the company of the Arabian Sea. This is indeed a time to enjoy the little things.

Gateway of India

Gateway of India is a beautiful monument that faces the sea and the Apollo Bandar jetty. And alongside are the two beautiful buildings of Taj hotel, old and new. This can be the go-to place for feeding the pigeons or for breathing in the sea air.

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Hanging Gardens and Kamla Nehru Park

These two gardens are close to each other on Malabar Hill in Mumbai. Located on the hill with the best coastal views, these old spots must be revisited after the lockdown ends. The boot house in Kamla Nehru Park is the best place for kids to play around. When these two open up again, it will be refreshing to take a stroll in these parks, among the trees.

Elephanta Caves

Elephanta Caves on the small island called Gharapuri will be an interesting place to visit after the lockdown ends. To reach you must take a ferry from Gateway of India. Inside these caves are rock-cut Shiva temples and Buddhist caves. You might think this is some boring place just for the history lovers. But you are wrong. It is the best place in Mumbai to visit. It is not so crowded and the ferry ride to the place is very exciting. On the island, there is a toy train that takes you to the caves. There are several hills on the island, which you can try hiking over if you want. The caves are majestic. To call them from some other world will not be a misstatement. There are huge statues of Shiva carved inside, in the basalt rock. Also, this place is a declared UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Kanheri Caves

Kanheri caves are rock-cut caves situated inside the forests of Sanjay Gandhi National Park. These caves are very old and very well maintained. You must visit this place to see the ancient architecture carved into the basalt stone. This place will transport you back in time. These caves are from the 1st century. This is the ancient Buddhist monastery. A visit to this place through the forest will guarantee you some refreshing moments.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Sanjay Gandhi National Park, also called as Borivali National Park, is a green forest inside this urban jungle. This is a place to visit in the monsoon. The toy train inside will give you a tour through the jungle. Boat rides are also available at this place. This is the best place for a picnic experience inside Mumbai city. You should head over here after the lockdown and restrictions end.

So these are some places to visit in Mumbai. It will take some time to be on the road like before. But we can all make some plans right now.


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