Interpace Diagnostics Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:IDXG) Making Active Folio with Bristol-Myers Squibb (NYSE:BMY)


Shares of Interpace Diagnostics Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:IDXG) traded at $1.63 by are increasing of 0.62% in last session. IDXG reported that the American Medical Association (AMA) has assigned a new, discreet CPT (Current Procedural Technology) code to facilitate reimbursement of ThyraMIR, the Company’s proprietary miRNA-based molecular test for indeterminate thyroid nodules.

The new code, 0018U, is associated with an official Descriptor which states, “Oncology (thyroid), microRNA profiling by RT-PCR of 10 miRNA sequences, utilizing fine needle aspirate, algorithm declared as a positive or negative result for moderate to high risk of malignancy.”

The AMA Technology Assessment Group (TAG) conducted a formal review of the Company’s submission as part of the decision-making process, which included direct participation in a discussion with the Committee. CPT codes are used by medical practitioners including, physicians, laboratories, and other healthcare providers to report their services to payers and seek reimbursement. This standardized national system of identification provides a uniform language for reporting healthcare procedures and services. The existence of this unique code for ThyraMIR will simplify and expedite the process for Interpace in submitting claims and securing reimbursement.

Shares price moving up from its 20 days moving average with 23.52% and isolated positively from 50 days moving average with 52.26%.

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (NYSE:BMY), stock raised around 0.16% in early session as its gaining volume of 5.99 Million.

A combination of two Bristol-Myers Squibb immunotherapy drugs cut the risk of death by 37 percent in a key group of kidney cancer patients, data from a closely watched clinical trial showed on Sunday. The news confirms the cocktail’s utility in a hard-to-treat disease, following a rollercoaster ride. The U.S. drugmaker declared three days ago it was ending the trial well ahead of schedule due to its early success in improving overall survival, despite earlier mixed results. Now the scale of the benefit provided by the two immune system-boosting drugs has been distraded to experts attending the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) congress in Madrid. In August, Bristol-Myers declared Opdivo and Yervoy failed to importantly outperform standard care in checking cancer progression, although there was a trend towards benefit. The latest result is important for doctors and investors alike, not only because it opens up a new option for treating kidney cancer but also because it helps validate the idea of combining two different kinds of immunotherapy. SUTENT COMPARISON Opdivo works by blocking the activity of a protein called PD-1, while Yervoy tackles another called CTLA-4. AstraZeneca is combining two similar drugs in a large lung cancer trial that declared disappointing initial results in July.

The stock showed weekly upbeat performance of 4.71%, which maintained for the month at 10.83%. Similarly, the positive performance for the quarter recorded as 15.38% and for the year was 12.68%, while the YTD performance remained at 7.32%. BMY has Average True Range for 14 days of 1.02.


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