Importance of hosted PBX to grow e-commerce business


E-commerce is a burgeoning industry. By each passing day, this industry is touching the new heights. In the year 2019, this industry earned a turnover of 3.5 trillion dollars worldwide and it’s on the rise since then. There is hardly any good left that is not available for sale on the e-commerce platform.

If you are also planning to open an e-commerce platform and become a part of this ever-growing industry then you must understand the worth and need of having a hosted PBX system. There are many ways via which this telephony tool helps you conduct hassle-free and streamline operations.

What is hosted PBX? 

Hosted PBX or Private Branch Exchange is a type of telephony switching system where everything is accessible with the help of an internet connection. Every component is deployed on cloud and access if free from device and location restrictions. There are two types of the hosted PBX system :

Cloud-based PBX

The most common type, cloud-based PBX is where all the phone and telephony components are placed outside of a company’s ecosystem. They are managed by the cloud telephony service provider and are configured as an individual login system.

You can avail of all the faculties and features by purchasing its subscription. From a management point-of-view, this type of PBX is most hassle-free as everything related to installation, updates, and maintenance will be looked after by the service provider. You can pay per-seat or per-connection basis which is why it’s an ideal option for small businesses are start-ups.

PBX SIP Trunking

This type of PBX facility is useful for those who are already using an IP PBX. In this case, you can enjoy the maximum benefits of cloud telephony at an affordable cost.

By using SIP trunking, you can keep your existing PBX system and convert it into a cloud-telephony empowering tool. It is useful in a large enterprise sort of structure. However, you will likely get fewer features than the cloud-based PBX.

Why Do You Need a Hosted PBX to Grow Your E-Commerce Business? 

Though engaging customer communication is the core of every business, it holds more significance in the e-Commerce industry. Here, there is no direct business-to-customer interaction like a real-time brick-and motor world. It is only the phone systems that will help you stay connected, know your customer better, assist them, guide them for purchases, and even promote your services.

Hence, the better and advanced would be your business phone number, the better would be your success chances. You can pull it off with the help of an old-school telephony system. You need advanced communication means like a hosted phone system. Here is how it can be proved as a real game-changer for your e-Commerce business.


  • You can be available around the clock


Check the help or contact page of any business website and you will find the mention of ‘24*7 availability’. 24*7 availability is much needed in online business as this is the only way to let the customer believe that you are there to help them make the right purchase. But, how many businesses can actually upkeep this promise?

Well, hardly a few of those are using hosted PBX. Hosted PBX has an impeccable ability to work from anywhere/anytime as long as you have an active internet connection and a data-driven device to support its functions. It’s a great way to run remote call centers with at least possible investments.

Also, you don’t have to be worried about the system failure to remain functional in the time of crises like fire or any natural disaster. As every asset and supportive technology is deployed on the cloud, you will remain functional against all odds.

  • You will have a power-packed communication system

Hosted PBX is not about reduced and easy communication. It’s all about quality and advanced communication. The features that you will get with cloud telephony are more than enough to help you bring on the verge of success in no time. These features work at almost every single front and eliminate hassle, delays, and errors from your e-Commerce business.

For example, you will get an auto call answer facility which helps an online business to answer a customer’s call in the least possible response time. Now, let’s consider IVR which acts as a self-serve portal and helps your customers to resolve some basic queries without anyone’s help.

Some of the game-changing virtual phone system features are:

  • Call Recording
  • Call Transferring
  • Welcome Message
  • Voicemail Transcription
  • Auto Call Distribution
  • On-hold Music


Impeccable communication ability


Running an online business is not a kid’s play. But it can be with hosted PBX as it equips you with impeccable communication ability. You will have a unified communication facility at your doorstep.

You can set-up a live chatbot on your website, let your customers record a voicemail for you, drop an inquiry email, or place an order by replying to a text message. The best part is that all these unified communication facilities can be easily integrated with your website. Some of the e-Commerce businesses like Amazon and eBay use email to gather the customers’ feedback and improve their services.


It is growth supportive


If you are doing everything right, you can grow in a short span of time. So, you should invest in such a telephony system that will be a support not a hindrance in your growth.

Hosted PBX fits in well. It is 100% scalable. When you and your customer base is growing, you can have more customer care executives without disturbing the on-going operations.

You can easily add new accounts without having any enormous outlay of physical infrastructure.

Easy and hassle-free e-Commerce operations are easy than ever

Hosted PBX is a boon for e-commerce businesses as it is packed with multiple features and equips you with great communication abilities that are the need of the hour. It’s highly futuristic and helps an online business to offer world-class communication and help support its customers’ disposal without going kaput. So, next time you think of online business, think of using hosted PBX.


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