Get Well Gifts To Help A Friend Recover


Everyone at any stage in their life has experienced health related issues.  Some experienced non-threatening illness which they will recover within a short period of time, while some experienced a broken bone which require rehabilitation to recover completely.

As their family, friends, or co-workers, you would want to buy a gift for them to send them your well wishes for a speedy recovery and to lift up their spirits.  The type of gift to buy depends on your relationship with the recipient, the nature of their ailment and their personality.

Below is a list of get well gifts categories that you can consider bringing a smile to your friend’s face and wish them quick recovery.

DIY Get Well Gifts

DIY get well gifts are thoughtful way to let the recipient know you care for them and help the get well on their feet.  The advantage of putting together a DIY gift basket, DIY care package or doing a craftwork is it is customised to the recipient’s condition and taste and preference.  You are certain the recipient will love this gift.

There are a few essentials that you may consider putting in the gift basket or care package.  Firstly, items to ease the recipient’s symptoms such as multi-vitamins to boost the immunity system and body cream to sooth the dry skin.  Secondly, snacks to munch in between meals such as sweets, chocolates or nuts and drinks to keep the recipient hydrated.  Thirdly, items to make the recipient feel comfortable such as blanket and socks.  Lastly, items to keep the recipient entertained such as magazines, crossword puzzle and colouring book.

If you are great with craft, a knitted scarf or personalised stuffed teddy bear is sure to warm the recipient’s heart.

Complete the gift with a get well card or booklet of get well soon quotes.

Food Subscription Services

Food subscription services are practical gifts to provide nourishment for the recipient, which is vital for recovery.  Having the right amounts of protein and other vitamins and minerals provide necessary nutrition recovery to refuel and rehydrate the body.

There are various types of food subscription services.  There are food subscription services delivered at mealtimes, healthy gourmet meals prepared by chefs which are made with fresh and organic ingredients.  For those who are unable to consume solid food, soup subscription services which offer a wide selection of delicious soups packed with nutrients.

Entertainment Related Gifts

The recipient will be bored at home or during the bed rest, hence a gift that keeps the recipient entertained is a welcoming and fun gift.  Technology related gifts such as a kindle, handheld gaming device or brain games related books are popular entertainment related gifts.  Cable channel subscription or a playlist of the recipient’s favourite songs provides fantastic companion to the recipient.

The above get-well gift categories are sure to boost their spirits and they will be on fast track to recovery.


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