Flawless 6-day Bali itinerary for a full-blown exploration


In recent years, Bali has become the go-to destination for everyone. From solo travellers, friends, honeymooners to even families Bali is rated one of the top picks for travellers around the globe. Breathtaking mountains, pristine beaches, gorgeous landscapes, ancient culture and to top it all its vibrant atmosphere is what attracts people to this heavenly island. Go let’s get on a tour to explore Bali inside out!

Best season: Unlike most of the destinations, you don’t have to wait for the best time to visit Bali as it’s a year-round destination. Having a moderate tropic climate the average temperature is always around 23-28 degrees. So, you neither have to be worried about the burning heat or the extreme storms. Bali always has the perfect beach weather. So, don’t forget to carry your beachwear along.

Visa: Bali upsets none for hefty visa fees and approvals. The Balinese visa is absolutely free and on arrival for most of the nationals. Ensure you have valid passports for at least a minimum of six months. So, once you land get them stamped and boom, you are already in Bali!

6 Days Itinerary in Bali



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Welcome to Bali – Land of dreams! After landing at Denpasar airport it’s easy to get to Kuta, your first destination. You can always check with your hotel for a pickup arrangement or pre-book a private car online to your hotel.

Taking up any activity or touring any attraction on the first day would wholly depend on your landing time. Its ideally recommended catching a flight that makes you reach the island in the morning so that you have the entire day ahead of you to stroll through the beaches, nevertheless if you take an evening flight then get transferred to your hotel and relax for the rest of the day.

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 Start your day with a heart-filling breakfast, not too full because you have a bunch of thrilling experiences scheduled for the day. With its expansive coastlines, Bali offers a diverse range of activities from Scuba diving, Sky boarding, Banana boat ride, snorkelling, parasailing, sea walking and whatnot. Worry not if you’re just a beginner because you can always check on training schools located in along the beaches for a perfect first-time experience.

Towards the evening head to the Pura Luhur Uluwatu, or Uluwatu Temple. A Balinese sea temple located in Pecatu Village of Bali. It is one of the most striking temples of Bali and known for its architectural wonder between the black coral rock. This temple offers some amazing view and the spectacular sunset is something not to be missed!

Day 3


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 Take a Jukung, a popular public boat from Sanur to the beautiful Nusa Penida island. It houses some of the most picturesque views in Bali. The Kelingking Beach, Diamond Beach and the Teletubbies Hill should definitely be on top of the list when you get there. You can also enjoy some wonderful white sand beaches, deep cliffs, mesmerising sceneries here. While you can take a guided tour of the island, alternatively rent a bike at the dock and explore the island on a motorbike at your own pace exploring it in and out.

Day 4:


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Get ready for a long day four but a laid back one. Visit one of the oldest temples of Bali and the most photographed one – The Lempuyang Temple. Located 1,775m above sea level, a small hike of around 1700 steps would be required to enjoy the incredible views of the ancient sites from the top. You can also explore the Tirta Gangga and Goa Lawah Temple on your way.

Head back and check in to your new hotel in Ubud and relax, because the long travels might call for a good nights sleep.

Day 5:


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 Located in the heart of Bali, a tour around Ubud should be a must-do. Start early and get ready to breathe some fresh air amidst the lush green rice paddies in the Tegalalang Rice Terraces which one of the most beautiful natural attractions of Bali. Just a short walk from these rice terraces awaits you for a thrilling experience. The Uma Pakel Swing is one of the famous Bali swings where you get a chance to swing between the long palm trees, rice terraces and rivers. Before you leave do try out the enjoy regional coffee/tea tasting, including Luwak coffee (cat poop coffee).

 Post lunch, head to the traditional Ubud art market where you can find a vast display of local handmade goods, wooden crafts, paintings, apparels and much more. Make sure you get your bargain game strong because if you wanna a good deal you got to bargain!

Day 6: G


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 Its already your last day at the beautiful island of Bali. Enjoy a delicious breakfast, pack your bags because its time to get back home. However, if you have a night flight, enjoy the bonus by visiting a few more temples or maybe just strolling around the shores until its time for your flight. Hope you’ll take back some souvenirs and some treasured memories.

Time to get back, you’re not in Bali yet. But, I am sure enough that Bali tops your travel list now because it can never disappoint you. So, do not waste more time and check out some amazing customisable Bali packages designed just for you for your next Bali vacation.




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