Don’t rush into losing weight


One of the most common mistakes that a lot of people who are carrying extra weight out there make is the fact that, instead of actually taking the time to lose weight they are trying to do it in just a few weeks or a few months.

Are you ready to lose weight?

They decide that they want to lose weight, they go to the dietician, they get an exercise programme and a dieting program. Now, they go back every single week and they are supposed to have lost like one or even 2 kg every week. Now, the first week is going to be the easiest one.

The second week however will be a bit more difficult and of course the third week will be even more difficult. This is where people get discouraged. They go to the dietician and when they are actually weighting themselves they notice that they were not able to lose all the extra weight.

Don’t get discouraged

They get discouraged and they stop. That is mostly because of the fact that they rushed into it. When you go to a dietician they will ask you exactly how much weight you want to lose. They will want to know exactly how long you want to go through the style. Now, you’re most likely going to say as fast as possible.


Try to think about the fact that, this might not be a good idea. On the contrary, you will want to take things slow. Find yourselves a steady pace and follow that pace no matter what. And most importantly, you’re going to want to keep track.

You need to take things slow

Keeping track of your body is really not easy. If you go online and you google track body statistics you are actually going to find yourselves in front of a lot of interesting information regarding smart scales and applications you can download to start measuring your BMI, your muscle, your fluids on pretty much everything else.


You might want to consider the fact that, this could be a good practice for you. Instead of actually setting a goal for the month you can just sit ago in general. You want to drop your BMI, you want your body to be able to pass fluids and you want to lose at least half a kilo this week.

It’s all about the results

You can start like that and you can start increasingly around until you’re able to find a steady pace. It could take you three or even four or even five months more to lose the extra weight. At the end of the day, the result is going to be worth it.


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