Design Your Composite Doors


Doors have a very important role in the house, and you will never see a house or even a building without any door. This provides an entrance or exit for your home as it also secures you from strangers and outsiders. Other than that, doors also give an additional appeal to the design and color of your outdoor surface. Your door can provide extra beautification and decoration as it also protects your home from outside circumstances.

A company called Polar Bear Windows can both provide you with secured and decorative doors. One of their best products is the rock solid composite door Bristol that made it super known to their place. Most importantly, Polar Bear Windows has its very unique feature of offering their clients to customize the design of their own rock solid composite doors. Therefore, if you choose their products and services, you can create your composite door.

The door can be customized into four different aspects. Through these aspects, you can now create your own rock solid composite door.


The style of your home’s rock solid composite door can have an either traditional or contemporary style. As for the traditional, it will have realistic and vintage wood-grain embossing on the door’s surface. It can also have detailed moldings. Through that, your traditional looking door is perfect for a Victorian, mid-century, and vintage appeal. On the other hand, the contemporary style of the door is very modern and chic. It has different patterns and minimal styles that maintain its clean good appearance.


Polar Bear Windows that can let you choose from standard and bespoke ranges of colors. The standard colors are black, white, blue, green, red, grey, and gold oak. As for the bespoke colors, you can match any color to compliment your home. It can be finished for both the outside and inside of the door.


Even the glass to be installed into the doors are also customizable. You can choose the decorative glass with its elegant details. Also, you can select the obscure glass to customize the privacy levels of the glasses. You can use the most transparent or the most distorted.


Polar Bear Windows can also let you decide on the hardware. You can use black, polished chrome, or polished gold for your knob, lock, and knocker. You can also customize the hardware from traditional styles to contemporary designs.

Through all these categories, you can now make your own rock solid composite door for your home. Make sure that your door compliments the home. For better customization, you may visit to check other offers.


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