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These days, you can never tell the weather. One minute it’s all sunny and then the net, it’s pouring heavily. This kind of weather changes affect each and every one of us including one of our most valuable possession, our cars. Have you noticed that even when you constantly clean and check up on your car, sometimes it develops rust or water stains suddenly appear? In this new era of technology and innovation, car companies have developed a new way of protecting your car’s exterior; making it look like brand new even if you had the car for years.


Ceramic car coating is the latest trend these days which is an ingenious invention for car enthusiasts out there. This coating protects your car’s exterior by binding itself with the factory paint of your car, making the pain last longer. With ceramic coating, water stains, dust, dirt and mud cannot hold on to your car. They slide off easily without leaving any marks on your car and washing your car will be fast and easy. You can even protect your car from rust build up and not have to worry about car maintenance expenses.

You can call in a professional to make estimates on how much your car would cost or you could ceramic coat yourself. If you have enough knowledge or experience, then car coating will be easy for you and you can buy ceramic car coating kits on the internet for a very affordable price. Of course it is more expensive to go to a professional but what you are paying for is the guarantee that your car will be protected for years to come.

Choosing from permanent and semi – permanent car coating can be an option. You may ask for a semi – permanent coat that will last you months or a permanent coat that will last up to 2 years. Although permanent, this does not mean this coat will be for life. So if you change your mind, you could ask for it to be removed.

Now that you have an idea on how ceramic coating works, you can now decide whether or not you should get one. If you want long lasting protection and durability, then this is for you. Do your research and find the best shop or company to do the job so that you are sure that you are paying for an investment that will last you years.


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