Best Ten Unknown travel Tips


Everyone always posts travel tips about the internet that are actually self-evident. However, there are still some tips that you may never have heard but are very useful. Because we often travel, these unknown travel tips have already become obvious to us. Now we share them with you!

Ten Unknown travel tips

Below are our ten secret travel tips that almost nobody knows but can save a lot of money or make life a little easier. They are applicable in all distant countries and do not distinguish between Asia or Central America. Actually, you can also use them in Europe, but we don’t go there often on holiday!

Vaccinations are often reimbursed by travel insurancep>Vaccination reimbursement for travel insurance Vaccinations or vaccinations you have to get almost every long journey, unfortunately. Sometimes painful and sometimes especially painful for your wallet. You can usually get the lancing at the GGD or a travel clinic of, for example, KLM. But what they usually don’t tell you is that travel insurance often reimburses the vaccinations. Unfortunately you have to go to clinics that have selected travel insurance. But hey, this can sometimes save you a hundred euros on your DTP or Hepatitis A or B vaccination.

Did you already know this? When you get a shot, it can often hurt and even give muscle pain the next day. You can prevent this by massaging the site of the vaccination and drinking plenty of water.

The perfect way to fold clothesp>Fold clothes Folding clothes is not so easy. Of course you can neatly fold everything or stuff it in your backpack. But don’t you want to get the most out of your backpack’s storage space? Then you need to fold as follows; roll up T-shirts, trousers and underwear into beautiful round cylinders, so you can easily stack and fill tricky corners in the backpack. Rolling up your clothes keeps it compact, does not wrinkle and you have room for other things.

Only book star accommodationsp>Now you probably think this costs way too much money! Incorrect. By booking star accommodations we mean the hotels, hostels, B&B, apartments and lodges that get the highest ratings on websites such as or You can be 100% sure that the accommodation is reliable and good. In addition, you will find the parties and all the nice people here! Skip other accommodations if you don’t feel like whining during your vacation. This is really a golden travel tip for backpackers!

The cheapest means of transport is…p>As unexpectedly fun as countries in Asia or Central America can be, the price difference in transport is also quite unpredictable. Do you think you are cheap with a night train then suddenly a minivan goes for less and faster to the destination. However, we can advise you to keep an eye on flights in particular. Domestic airline tickets are dirt cheap! We have been able to avoid a night bus several times to book a cheaper flight ticket, how cool is that! Always check that there are no flights to the destination. This travel tip can save a lot of time and money!

Which shoes do I take with me on a trip?

Which shoes to travel with?The most common mistake of the average novice backpacker is the shoe dilemma. Which shoes will I take with me on vacation? I am going backpacking so I will need hiking boots or real hiking boots. We will break the myth right away because this is of course total nonsense. You are not going to hike untouched terrain or into the Himalayas, so why bring mega-heavy turbo mountain boots? Our advice; bring two pairs of sturdy sports shoes for the day trips and going out. A set of slippers and that is more than enough!

Corruption remains difficult, but not with our tips

fighting corruption in Asia and Central America Unfortunately, corruption is still a daily activity for many agents and government officials in Central America or Asia. How exactly do you deal with corruption? Difficult! Chances are you won’t get away without paying money. Annoying but not too bad since most corrupt agents are already happy with a few euros. Unless, of course, you open your wallet and the flaps of the local money pop out. Then they often want to see more, much more! Prevent this and never have too much money in your wallet at once. This limits the financial damage and it is possible to continue with holidaying quietly. Nothing wrong, never get into a police car and refuse to pay too high fines, in the end they usually give up and take enough with less or nothing. Because just like in the Netherlands, you actually need evidence to try you. Always stay calm and never panic.

Photo of your luggage

Take photo of backpack or luggage. Before the tour, take a photo of yourself with your backpack or other luggage. Send this photo to your email so it is available everywhere. It is also useful to keep the photo on your camera or mobile. Why? Because backpacks and suitcases often get lost during flights. Often the backpack is just at the airport where you are. By the photo you can prove which it is and the employees of the airport know exactly which to look for. Now they don’t have to search all the name tags and only for your backpack! Simplest lifesaving travel tip ever!

Make a copy of your passport, debit card and insurance card

Make a copy of your passport, debit card and insurance cards. Mail this to yourself but also print it out. This way you always have a backup that most hotels and hostels would like to print out for you. In addition, you never have to hand in your passport at accommodation because you can immediately hand in a copy. Play it safe play it cool! By the way, do you know what to do if your passport is stolen?



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