Best Beaches in South America for a family vacation


If you are an avid beach lover, you’d love going to the beaches in South America. Apart from the huge rainforests, ancient archaeological sites, and a variety of wildlife, the region has some of the most beautiful beaches that you can visit with your family. Beaches have many positive impacts on us like feeling relaxed, overcoming stress, and also it helps nurture relationships. Have a look at some of the best ones in South America if you are planning for a family vacation.



1. Galapagos Beach, Puerto Ayora, Ecuador

p>You might not want to miss going to Galapagos Beach if you love beach getaways. It got its name from sea turtles that like congregating amidst the sand along with flamingos, sea lions, marine iguanas, pelicans and Galapagos finches. The calm blue waters and serenity around is surely going to mesmerise you. Also, there are Lava Tunnels formed from the surrounding volcanoes that aren’t much far from the beach that you can visit as well while you’re on your vacation.

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2. Lopes Mendes Beach

t the best beaches in Brazil, Lopes Mendes Beach is one. It is an amazing white sand beach which is lined with palm and almond trees. You would find the crystal blue waters for about two miles running across the sand. The best thing about this stretch of sand is that you wouldn’t find any buildings around and can peacefully have your time. All you need to do here is bring your favourite book, sunscreen, and some snacks!

3. Punta Del Diablo

re looking forward to experiencing bohemian vibe while you’re on the beach, this beach in Uruguay wold be a great option. This is the place where many people all across the world visit to enjoy the sun and the beach waves. Punta el Diablo, when translated, means Devil’s Tip, and is an example of a surf town in South America. Punta Del Diablo would give you a sumptuous beach experience with your family and kids.

4. A

4. Anakena Beach

are wondering about taking a beach vacation on Easter Island of Chile, Anakena Beach is one of the best options that you might want to consider. The best time to visit this beach is in the mornings since you would have it to yourself entirely most of the times. Nothing would beat the sensation that you’d get while relaxing on the white sand amidst the waters under the shadows of moai. The best thing is that there are six of these moais here!

5. El

5. El Cabo San Juan Beach

mous Columbian beaches, El Cabo San Juan is one that you can consider visiting with your family. Also known as Cape San Juan, this beach is nothing less than that of a paradise. Located amidst the heart of Columbia’s amazing Tayrona National Park, this place is a bit difficult to access. It is definitely not for the ones who have a faint heart! It takes a one and a half hour long adventurous hike for reaching this beach. Once you are here, you can even camp here overnight which would undoubtedly be a memorable experience!

6. Shell

6. Shell Beach

he perfect spot for you and your family if you are wildlife lovers. Being an outdoor enthusiast, you would enjoy spending your time with turtles on the beach. This beach makes home for four turtle species out of eight in total. These species include the green, the olive ridley, the hawksbill and the leatherback turtles. Enjoy your time relaxing on the sand and watching the sea turtles swim gracefully while you snack.

These beaches in South America make for the perfect getaway options with your family to have some fun in the sun and relax during the holidays. Also, if you have been waiting for a long time to meet your friends, a trip together to these beaches could be relaxing for you as well. Nevertheless, newlyweds can also choose these beaches for the new start of their journey together.


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