: American Airlines Group Inc. (NASDAQ:AAL), Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN)


Thursday bloom on American Airlines Group Inc. (NASDAQ:AAL)[Trend Analysis], stock moved up around 0.06% in early session as its gaining volume of 8.15 Million.

A scheduling glitch has left American Airlines scrambling to find pilots to operate thousands of flights over the busy Christmas holiday period.

A spokesman for the airline said Wednesday that American expects to avoid canceling flights by paying overtime and using reserve or on-call pilots. American isn’t saying how many flights are affected, but the pilots’ union says that about 15,000 flights were slated without a captain, a co-pilot or both.

American, the world’s biggest airline, has about 15,000 active pilots and expects to operate more than 200,000 flights in December. Pilots bid each month for flying assignments based on seniority. The scheduling glitch let pilots drop slated flights to take a vacation over Christmas, for example even when there were no other pilots available for that flight. Normally such a request would be denied, especially during busy travel periods.

The pilots’ union estimated that when the problem was discovered late last week, about 19,000 cockpit seats were left empty. The glitch affected flights between Dec. 17 and Dec. 31 from nearly a dozen airports including hubs in Dallas, Chicago and Miami. “This is a potential crisis that we see well in advance,” said Dennis

Tajer, a spokesman for the union. “This is very unusual.”

The union has lodged a protest against the company’s plan to fix the mistake by tapping reserve pilots and offering overtime pay for some of the unstaffed flights. The union says American is violating its labor contract by imposing a solution without union input, and is improperly restricting premium pay.

The stock showed weekly upbeat performance of 1.23%, which maintained for the month at 4.23%. Similarly, the positive performance for the quarter recorded as 11.12% and for the year was 5.03%, while the YTD performance remained at 5.48%. AAL has Average True Range for 14 days of 1.14

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Shares of Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) [Trend Analysis] closed at $1161.27 by crashing down of -2.71% in last session.

Amazon (AMZO) is putting

Alexa in the office. The interface is evolving. What has long been dominated by screens of all shapes and sizes is now being encroached upon by the voice. And while many companies are building voice interfaces, Apple with Siri, Google with Assistant, and Microsoft with Cortana, none are quite as dominant as Amazon has been with Alexa.

At the AWS reinvent conference, Amazon will announce

Alexa for Business, according to the WSJ. The new platform will let companies build out their own skills and integrations for both practical and business use cases. Just as developers can build skills for Amazon Echo users, businesses can now build out Alexa skills for use within their own company. You could imagine voice access to an employee directory, Salesforce data on various clients and accounts, or company calendar information.

There are also more practical uses for

Alexa in a work setting, such as changing the temperature in a particular conference room or turning the lights on and off. Plus, Alexa for Business has all the same capabilities as a regular old Echo, letting users get information about news, weather, set timers and alarms, and ask questions. Alexa for Business is a two-sided project for Amazon. On the one hand, Amazon gets added data and revenue from larger-scale consumers and, on the other, enterprise businesses will likely hop on the platform to build APIs and skills for a new breed of consumer.

Shares price moving up from its 20 days moving average with 2.30% and isolated positively from 50 days moving average with 11.18%.


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