5 things you should know about Film Producer & Director Paul Prince


First and Foremost, he is not just a film producer & Director, what he enjoys the most it’s writing, he loves writing intriguing and great stories, that’s his way of escaping from the world. “ I sometimes write and don’t know how my story will end, I write based on what I feel at the moment and figure out how it fits on the story later” Paul Prince Says

They call him the man with many talents, he’s not only a screenwriter, he also a singer/ rapper. He recently have been putting some great songs this year, confidence came out in March 2020, what it do in June 1st and Damaged June 30th, all songs from his album “in my corner”.

He also loves to travels, between 2018 and 2019, Paul Prince never stayed the same place more than a month, he would travel and go somewhere else especially in Europe, he went back and forth with Canada USA, Europe and The carribbean during that span, he even wrote a book about it, check out his book. It will be released on all online book platforms on July 24, 2020

Paul Prince is also a radio host, him along side Don Bondo his partner at Jebomedia Inc, a film company established in 2016. He host the show every 2 weeks on the plug radio, interviewing some well known artists and entrepreneurs, talking about their craft and upcoming album, you can check out the show on theplugcircle.com/the-plug its also available on YouTube and other streaming platforms as a podcast. Check it out.

Last but not least, Paul Prince loves being an activism, his dream is to become a politician after his film career, to be able to help the ones in need and the ones that needs more help, he has a non-profit organisation called Jtmco that does convention around once a year that tackles important topics to find solutions and possibly change the world.

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