5 Reasons behind the Success of Technology Blogging
5 Reasons Why Technology Blogging Is So Successful


In the last fifty years, the field of technology has evolved at an unprecedented rate. Each year, we are witnessing some extraordinary technological inventions that none of us could imagine of even a few decades ago. Even when the whole world is battling Coronavirus, technology is serving as our first line of defence.

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It is not a big surprise that technology blogging is the best niche in the field of blogging. However, if you are just starting your career as a blogger, you may have some queries regarding the success of tech blogs. After all, there are plenty of amazing things to write about besides technology.

Well, this blog reveals the 5 major reasons behind the success of technology blogging in the 21st century. Keep reading if you want to know the secret:

1- Technology is an evergreen topic

Owing to its ubiquity in our lives, technology has become an evergreen topic that you can rely on all the time. No matter what topic is trending at the time, your tech blog will still get a significant amount of traffic. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, when health-related blogs should have been gaining most of the attention, tech blogs are still at the top.

While healthcare, politics, education or social issues are integral parts of our lives, they aren’t always relatable to the readers. Besides, the serious tone of the blogs covering these issues does not seem relevant to the majority of the readers. However, if you talk about an advanced plagiarism checker tool, students will be interested in reading it. Technology blogs are generally light-hearted and sound more relevant to the readers, thus making them more presentable.

2- There are enough issues to talk about

While blogging about technology, you won’t fall short of topics. Every day, there is something new happening in the world of technology. From the launch of the latest iPhone to the progress is AI automation – there’s a wide variety of topics to talk about in the tech blogs. In fact, if you write about electronic gadgets, you won’t be able to cover all the areas even if you post three blogs a day.

The area of technology is so broad that it is often not possible for a blogger to write about everything that falls under this segment. Moreover, technology is now associated with almost every aspect of human life. So, if you take a look at the different niches of blogging, you can still find issues related to technology in those areas as well. Healthtech is a great example of such an overlapping topic.

3- The readership of these blogs are huge

As mentioned, technology blogs are more presentable than other forms of blogs. That is because a majority of the technology-related topics seem relevant to the readers. Technology blogs serve a wide variety of readers – starting from a highly educated research scholar working on a paper on quantum physics to a layman who wants to learn about how to open an account on social media.

A majority of the tech blogs that you may find trending on the internet aren’t exactly the ones that are meant for qualified people. Most high-performing tech blogs are written in simple language that can be understood by people. And since technology touches the life of every human on earth, there’s a certain level of relevance that these blogs offer to all readers, irrespective of their occupation, gender or nationality.

4- Tech blogs are easily digestible:

As mentioned in the previous point, a majority of the tech blogs (not all though) are written in a language that can be understood by most readers. I’m not saying that everyone understands the content published in tech blogs. But the relevance of the technology topics makes them more acceptable to the readers, contributing to its huge readership.

It is important to understand that the niche of tech blogging has gained popularity by delivering specific content to a particular cluster of audience. Tech blogging does not mean all tech-related news at one place. Instead, tech bloggers usually choose a specific area of technology and create content related to that area. You won’t see an automobile-related blog and a health-tech-related blog under the same category (unless it’s about ambulances).

5- Tech blogs are educational

Another reason behind the success of tech blogs is people’s growing urge to learn more about technology. As technology continues to advance to new heights with each passing year, it is becoming more important to stay relevant and keep pace with the changing times. While understanding every bit of it may not be possible, going through the blogs on the latest tech news and inventions can help readers stay up-to-date.

Everyone can’t pursue engineering or enrol in a technical course. However, the “How to” blogs can help a person with basic technical knowledge understand the fundamentals of a certain piece of technology. Moreover, if a person is aware of the latest technologies and the uses, it often helps them appear smarter in a social gathering. This is also a reason why many people follow such tech blogs.


It is quite evident that tech blogging enjoys a number of advantages that help it gain such massive popularity. However, writing tech blogs does not always guarantee success. You need to be consistent in delivering valuable content on technology-related topics to fetch proper results. Most importantly, you need to have a certain level of knowledge about technology if you want your blogs to stand out.


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