5 Pristine Beaches in and around Pondicherry for the Ultimate Water Experience


Pondicherry is among the most favorite union territories on the coast of Bay of Bengal. Even those who love the party scene of Goa, vouch for Pondy as an affair to remember. This quaint French Colonial settlement is blessed with an immaculate coastline of golden sands and dense groves. The beaches in and around Pondicherry are famous for the shimmering azure waters and spectacular horizon.

Pristine Beaches in and around Pondicherry

This beach lover’s paradise may be famous for its shores but the urban architecture and scrumptious food add to the experience. It has this special vibe to it that you will not find anywhere in India. If you are making your way to the cultural country, the best Pondicherry beaches need to be on your to do list.

Serenity Beach: The Relaxing Vibe

As the name suggests, serenity is what awaits you at this secluded beach situated to the North of Pondicherry. This is the perfect beach for those looking to get away from the bustling tourists hoarding the other shores. Serenity beach is lined with palm and coconut trees running along pristine blue water. The isolation here has made this beach a favorite among couples looking for a quiet time.

Apart from drowning in your lover’s eyes, you can visit any of the vibrant beach cafes set up on the coast. You can also shop at a flea market or if you need an adrenaline rush surfing is available at this beach. A surfing school right near the flea market will rent you equipment and provide training for beginners.

Paradise Beach: A Piece of Heaven

This is one of the cleanest beaches in and around Pondicherry and its view is breathtaking. Take a boat ride from the Chunnambar boathouse to reach this enchanting beach. It is one mesmerizing stretch of white sand along crystal blue water. This beach is popular among swimmers and you will find shacks offering everything you need for a good swim. From renting chairs to showers, this beach is well-equipped to keep you happy.

Auroville Beach: The Family Fun Time

Also known as Auro, this beach is famous for its volcanic sand and crystal clear water that runs shallow. The water level makes this beach ideal for kids as they can frolic in the ocean without worrying about harsh waves. Beginning surfers also choose Auroville Beach as the mellow waves makes it easier to learn.

Remember to travel to this coast on any day other than the weekend as it gets heavily crowded. The beach is close to one of the most famous attractions in Pondicherry, Auroville Town. A community based on inclusivity and harmony. This is a nice place to visit before the beach to get a perspective about this unique settlement.

Promenade Beach: A Walking Affair

This beach stretches out for a little less than a mile and houses an unusual amount of rocks making it different from the others on this list. Promenade Beach is a jogger’s hub for locals and tourists who come for a run among scenic beauty. The best time to be here is early morning and evening because the adjoining road is closed for traffic.

We would suggest an early morning jog down Promenade and then choose from the myriad of eateries set up along the coast. From cafes to shacks and even fancy restaurants, this beach has it all to settle that grumbling tummy.

Veerampattinam: A Natural Wonder

This beach is popular among fishermen as the Veerampattinam village has two rivers that absorb the swell from the sea keeping the boats safe from damage. A visit to this quaint yet large beach will show you how we can find solutions to daily life problems in nature. With 50 years of recorded history, Veerampattinam village is just 7 kms from the city center.click on Indian Eagle

You can take a cab from your hotel to reach this village and find an immaculate beach nestled along it. Watching the colorful fishermen boats and the melodic movement of the waves is a sight to behold. It is ranked as one of the cleanest and biggest beaches in and around Pondicherry. You now have the ultimate beach vacation list that takes a bit of action for a serene reaction. So click on for fast and affordable flight tickets and you can make your Pondicherry Beachathon come true.


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