5 Backyard Purchases To Make Summer More Fun


Make summer more fun with some exciting ideas for your backyard. These can all be purchased at affordable prices from online retailers. We’d love to know what you think about these ideas.


1. Music

p>Summer and music go hand in hand, whether you invest in a sound system, record player or an instrument, it will bring a beautiful atmosphere to any backyard. If you’re having company over this summer, having a guitar and ukulele lying around is a great way to enjoy some karaoke style singing with your friends and family.

There are many outdoor speakers to choose from, with JBL and Bose being some favourites. Some speakers have technological features allowing you to link them together, for extra sound production. Portable record players are also widely available, allowing you to bring your favourite vinyl records outdoors. Why not use summer as a reason to show off your vinyl collection?

2.Inflatable Spa Pools

These are a wonderful way to add excitement to your backyard. If you already have a pool, buying some inflatable accessories can add some extra fun to your summer day or night. Inflatable animals, beverage holders and seats are great . If you don’t want to commit to a permanent pool, inflatable pools and spa pools are addition to your backyard, and are easily stored away once you are done using them. There is a wide range of inflatable spas available, ranging in sizes, prices and functionality. They even come with in built jets, and their own range of accessories.


3.Glam-ping Equipment

you love being outdoors, and have some backyard space, glam-ping is a wonderful summer experience! Whether you are doing it solo, or with company spending there is no better way to reconnect with nature than camp, and why not do it out of the comfort of your own backyard? Tents, teepees, bean bags, rugs, sleeping bags and much more equipment is easily found in commercial stores, or can be sourced second hand for a bargain. Why not add a projector to your set up for some at home outdoor screenings?


3. Hammocks

ile these could be included under ‘glam-ping’, they deserve their own category. A hammock is a wonderful investment and comes in an array of options. From hammock chairs, cloth hammocks and rope hammocks to name a few, there are so many different looks to bring a bohemian aesthetic to your yard. Don’t forget to add blankets, cushions and some books nearby for ultimate relaxation options.

4. Outdo

4. Outdoor Games

g in outdoor games is a great way to keep entertained, and a great reason to host friends. Classics such as jenga, connect four and backyard cricket are always a go to. If you want to spice things up, why not add a spike ball kit, backyard volleyball nets or a mini trampoline to your itinerary? These options are kid friendly, and also fun for adults. If you are having a kid-free summer, or night, adding some backyard darts, or bucket ball to your summer can be great for team games – whether you’re having a drink or not. For some extra cooling down, water guns and water balloons are a great way to have fun and cool down from the summer heat.


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