Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) Adding Button That Will Let Viewers Skip Opening Credits On Some Television Shows- Bloomin’ Brands (BLMN)

Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) surged 0.50% during the previous trading session as the firm held price to earnings ratio of 341.44. Netflix (NFLX) unveiled a button that will let viewers skip the opening credits on some television shows.

The button will simply hover over the title sequence and read “skip intro.” The button will be applicable for shows including House of Cards, Iron Fist, and Mad Men.   Netflix also reported on Friday that it was switching up its rating system. Instead of the 5-star metric, users will now have a thumbs up or thumbs down option.

Finally, we can see dark clouds emerging over NFLX. For the current estimate trends of EPS, pool recommendation was $0.37 and for one month was $0.37. As earning per share serves as an indicator for company’s profitability, analyst have given their estimate trends for the next year with quarterly estimate of $0.24. For annual bases, the firm attains $1.10 per-share earnings for FY 2016 trends against $1.95 for fiscal year 2017 Trends, views extracted from WSJ.

To view the price target ranked by analysts, NFLX attains high-level price target of 178 while lower level target was 68, it can be use an indication to know how much worth stock has stored in it. The stock was rated ‘Hold’ by 13 analysts in current phase, 4 analysts rated at ‘Overweight’, while 3 experts rated it as a ‘Sell’ security. For conclusion, consensus ranking came to stand at Overweight.

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Bloomin’ Brands, Inc. (NASDAQ:BLMN) knocking up 1.58% to $18.60 with traded session volume was 2.5 Million. Looking over the BLMN ranking chart, the BLMN got 6 analysts recommendation as a Buy security in previous month pool in contrast with 5 analysts gave buy ratings at this month. The call for hold was given by 7 analysts while call for sale was recommended by 1 analyst. Overall the consensus ratings were for Overweight as compared to Overweight rating in last month, courtesy to WSJ.

Struggling to find a way in profitable zone, the current EPS estimate trend for the next year first quarter was $0.30 while three months ago that trend was for $0.29. This contrasts with this year Q4 current estimates trend of $0.52 while for one month was for $0.51. The fiscal year 2016 current estimate trend was for $1.40 as compared to FY 2017 current Estimate trends of $1.49.

As concerns of stock price volatility, it was 2.53% for a week and 2.76% for a month.

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